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Things to Consider When Purchasing Concrete Sealers

Through the use of sealers when installing decorative concrete, you will be able to enjoy having it for a long time as it also can maintain its appearance. Concrete sealers are known to offer numerous benefits such as protecting the concrete from abrasion and wear, inhibiting dust and water intrusion which may damage the concrete. By choosing the right concrete sealer, you will be able to enjoy the benefits as mentioned above and many others. However, with the many varieties of sealers available in the market, choosing the right one for your project may be quite a challenge. Therefore, you may need to consider some factors before purchasing a sealer to be able to make an informed decision.

Before purchasing a concrete sealer, you may first need to determine if it is compatible with the decorative concrete you are installing. if you are not sure about the sealer that will work well for you, you can confirm with the manufacturer who will be able to give you recommendations. You may also need to consider the amount of concrete sealer that you may require.

The other important factor you should put into consideration when purchasing a concrete sealer is whether the volatile organic compound content of the sealer you intend to buy meets the current state’s regulations. Considering that most states have a set a certain allowable level of VOCs that a sealer should contain, it is advisable not to exceed the limits. Since all products have a specification sheet, you can check it to ascertain the VOC content of the sealer hence make an informed decision.

Before buying a concrete sealer, you may need to identify the conditions that it will be exposed to after application. To minimize maintenance costs, you may need to choose a sealer that will protect your decorative concrete from elements and traffic conditions to which it will be exposed. If you want as sealer for decorative interior floor, you can use a sealer that is high-build and has great resistance to stains and scuffs.

How long it takes for the sealer to dry is a vital aspect you should put into account when purchasing a sealer. Considering that fast-track projects require a sealer that dries fast as it influences the period within which the concrete overlays can be opened to traffic. If you are working indoors, especially in areas that cannot be ventilated, it is advisable to use water-based rather than solvent-based concrete sealers to ensure safety. The type of finish and surface appearance of the concrete you would wish to achieve is also an important factor you should look into when choosing a sealer. Therefore, before purchasing a concrete sealer, I would recommend that you consider the factors discussed above to get value for your money.

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